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Recognizing when a drain blockage is beyond a DIY fix

As a homeowner, it’s important to recognise when a drain blockage has progressed beyond simple at-home fixes. however, early signs of a blocked drain can cause severe obstructions like grease, tree roots or collapsed pipes that require professional attention.

While some minor blockages can typically be managed with DIY methods, you could try using a plunger or hot water to clear hair and soap scum, ignoring minor issues may precipitate more severe consequences deep within your plumbing system, countering your initial remedial efforts.

Keep an eye out for early signs of a blocked drain, indicating the time to call professional plumbers’ expertise:

  • Water is backing up not just into sinks, bathtubs but also clogging the shower, indicating blockage in your bathroom drain, suggesting theres blockage it demands an urgent fix
  • Signals of a troubled system include your toilet having a higher water level, overflow, which occurs when draining slowly and takes longer to empty
  • Gurgling noises from your pipes might be a sign of a blocked drain, with water draining sluggishly
  • A foul smell often acts as one of the warning signs of a blocked drain, suggesting operational challenges
  • Standing water around cleanout access points outside

Neglecting how to address these plumbing challenges can cause your drain system to sustain further harm, indicating it’s the right time to call for expert intervention without delay. They deploy sophisticated tools and if necessary, they call a plumber experienced in using sewer cameras and high-pressure jets for blocked drain issues, to clear out drainage obstructions and check for structural integrity.

To prevent recurring issues and protect the drains in your home, our team suggests using drain covers and maintaining fixtures with natural ingredient mixtures while eschewing fat and solid disposal in sinks. However, for major slowdowns or backups, its best to call in the professionals by contacting a blocked drain plumber from our team to restore your plumbing system to peak efficiency.

Common causes of drain blockages

Understanding the various types of blocked drains through the signs they exhibit can assist in pinpointing the source of your drainage dilemmas, often stemming from the most common culprits behind household drain blockages, including:

  • Hair blockages in drains can ensnare strands that catch on pipes, accumulating over time
  • Fats, oils & grease - Hardens and sticks to pipe interiors
  • Food scraps entangled in the drain can decompose, clearly highlighting that a blocked drain in your drainage system requires prompt attention
  • Tree roots - Root systems penetrate and crush old pipes
  • Toiletries - Soap scum, shampoo residue and more build up slowly

engaging in regular blocked drain plumbing maintenance, utilising sink strainers and restricting grease disposal, can aid in averting these problems, but when these issues persist, its best to reach out to the blocked drain specialists. Statistics suggest that a substantial share of calls for household plumbing services arise because drains need professional scrutiny, highlighting the importance of waste disposal vigilance.

Warning signs that indicate professional help is needed

There are a few warning signs a clogged drain exhibits, getting worse that signal the time to call a professional plumber. These include:

  • Water back up: The onset of water reversing course or slow draining sink action could signal the time to call a professional due to a notable blockage.
  • Gurgling sounds: Intense gurgling noises issuing from your pipes when water is draining may indicate trapped air, hinting at a snag within your sewer drain.
  • Sewer odours: The disagreeable scents of escaping gas from your plumbing wafting from the drains might suggest the presence of blockage in your system from accumulated waste.
  • Multiple clogged fixtures: Sluggish performance in the sinks, showers, and toilets in your home could point to a blocked sewer line.

Disregarding these persistent issues can result in potential damage to your plumbing system, posing risks to your property through leaks or sewage backups. So when you notice these indications of a blocked drain, it becomes crucial to engage a drain cleaning service for swift resolution of the blocked drain in your property. Our team, who can help with the requisite tools and expertise, adeptly clear out your lines, evaluate your drainage system, and stave off future blockages coming your way.

When to call a professional plumber

there are moments when it’s time to call professional help immediately for a blocked drain issue instead of attempting to resolve it alone, it may be prudent to call upon a blocked drain specialist:

  • Water is backing up from sinks, your shower drain, or floor drains into your home
  • Outdoor cleanouts have overflowing grey water whenever clogged drains prevent fixtures from running smoothly
  • You have recurrent clogs, a definite sign your drain needs expert assessment for potential collapsed or damaged drainage pipes
  • Sewage odours are present inside the home, a classic sign there’s a blockage
  • Multiple fixtures are exhibiting slow drainage throughout your property

Delaying the call risks letting the issue get worse, creating unhygienic conditions and allowing raw sewage to flood your home. Our team, adept at swiftly resolving complex plumbing issues, will take the necessary action before the situation deteriorates further.

Avoid these substantial risks by contacting our emergency plumbing specialists at Bankstown Plumbing on 1300 349 338 or jobs@bankstownplumbingservices.com.au whenever such urgent issues occur.

What plumbers can do that DIY cannot

When facing a severe blocked drain, professional plumbers have specialised equipment and methods that allow them to resolve issues beyond the reach of DIY solutions.

A blocked drain can necessitate that a plumber can engage high-powered water jet cleaners with up to 5000 PSI to scour pipe interiors, cutting through years of accumulated gunk and clearing obstinate clogs DIY drain snakes can’t touch. CCTV drain cameras help identify and precisely locate obstructions, helping clear blockage and, with professional blocked drain expertise, evaluate your drainage system’s condition.

Experienced plumbers can also determine whether pipe damage or structural faults are contributing to your blocked pipes. We provide long-term solutions, such as pipe relining and replacement, to prevent recurrent issues.

Crucially, qualified plumbers understand how to manage plumbing gas venting systems and can rectify any issues that allow sewer gases into your home. Our licenced technicians ensure any hazardous gases are properly evacuated during drain repairs.

With professional equipment, years of expertise interpreting drain camera footage, and extensive knowledge of plumbing systems, our team goes beyond makeshift DIY drain clearing to provide lasting solutions.

Benefits of professional drain cleaning

Hiring professional drain cleaning services offers several advantages over attempting DIY solutions when faced with blocked drains:

  • Advanced equipment - Plumbers use high-powered water jets and industrial drain snakes to scour pipes and dismantle stubborn clogs beyond the reach of consumer products.
  • Prevents future blockages - Thorough drain cleaning removes accumulated residues before they can harden and reobstruct pipes.
  • Eliminates health hazards - By clearing drains fully, plumbers prevent decomposition which causes unpleasant odours and attracts pests, such as fruit flies.
  • Improves drainage system - Identifying issues that restrict flow water flow like pipe damage allows plumbers to provide structural solutions for optimal flow.
  • Can save on costly damages - Early intervention stops small problems becoming major floods requiring pipe repairs or replacement.
  • Provides peace of mind - Knowing your drains are cleared, inspected and functioning optimally gives homeowners confidence and convenience.

At Bankstown Plumbing, Our team, with skilled technicians wielding expertise and tools, can quickly reinstate unobstructed drainage and maintain your plumbing’s smooth operation across time.

Preventative measures to avoid recurrent clogs

There are several useful preventative measures homeowners can take to avoid recurrent drain clogs:

  • Employ sink and washing machine strainers to catch food particles and hair
  • Limit grease disposal in your kitchen sink - let it solidify before discarding with general rubbish
  • Pour 1⁄2 cup of baking soda and vinegar down the sinks you should never neglect, as well as other infrequently used drains weekly to prevent buildup
  • To prevent a blocked drain in your home, conscientiously dispose of toilet paper and avoid flushing non-degradable items down your shower or toilet
  • Trim overhanging trees and invasive root systems in your garden near external drainage pipes
  • Install protective fine mesh drain covers over plugholes to filter out hair
  • Clean fixtures regularly withnatural drain cleaner mixtures (baking soda, vinegar, boiling water)
  • Arrange an annual CCTV drain inspection and professional hydrojetting service through a trusted local plumber like Bankstown Plumbing for effective drain maintenance to keep your drains clear

Combining vigilant household habits with regular maintenance from drain specialists can mitigate the signs a blocked drain can present, ensuring the long-term health of your plumbing.

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