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Managing Mould Water Leaks
Managing Mould From Water Leaks

Water leaks often cause mold growth in homes. Get a mold inspection and learn proven methods to thoroughly clean, treat, prevent and manage mould issues for good. Call the leak detection and mold remediation experts.

Plumbing Safety Tips Pet Owners
Plumbing Safety Tips For Pet Owners

As a pet owner, you can take simple steps to protect your pets and home plumbing during emergencies. Keep toilet lids closed, use drain stoppers when bathing pets, and keep pets out of rooms with appliances. Contact a professional plumber immediately if a leak or pipe burst occurs.

Essential Tools Gas Fitters
Essential Tools Used By Gas Fitters

Gas fitters require various specialized tools and equipment to safely and properly install and repair gas lines and appliances. These include hoses, fittings, leak detectors, drills and more. Contact our expert gas fitters today for any job.

’ Checklist Water Running Cold?
What’s a Checklist if Water is Running Cold?

If you have no hot water, first check for blown fuses and replace them if needed. Also check if the thermostat is working properly. You may need to reset the high-temperature cut off switch if it has tripped. Ensure any water heater is regularly maintained. Our checklist can help get hot water running again.

Tenant rights pipe relining
Tenant rights for pipe relining

As a tenant, you have certain rights when it comes to necessary pipe repairs and maintenance. This includes pipe relining to resolve drainage issues. Contact us to learn about your rights and get professional help fixing any plumbing problems.

Signs Pro Blocked Drains
Signs You Need a Pro for Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can cause sinks and tubs to drain slowly, toilets to overflow, foul odors, and backed up pipes. Call a professional plumber at the first signs of trouble to avoid damage and unhealthy conditions.

Cooking Habits Clog Drains
Cooking Habits That Clog Drains

Grease, oil and food waste from cooking are common causes of clogged drains. Allowing grease to solidify in pipes causes major blockages needing professional drain cleaning. Contact Bankstown Plumbing to prevent clogs.

Tankless Water Heaters Good Option?
Are Tankless Water Heaters A Good Option?

Tankless water heaters are up to 34% more energy-efficient than traditional storage tank systems because they only heat water as needed. Other benefits include space savings, reduced standby losses and longer lifetimes. Consider going tankless to save money and energy.

Essential Pipe Relining Certifications
Essential Pipe Relining Certifications

When selecting a pipe relining provider, it’s vital to choose a company with full licensing, insurance, and the proper trenchless repair training and certifications. This guarantees expertise and accountability for the duration of the 50 year pipe warranty.

Fixing Hot Water Drain Valve Issues
Fixing Hot Water Drain Valve Issues

Having problems with your hot water system’s drain valve not working properly? It could be a simple issue like a faulty seal or more complex such as blockages. Read our guide on troubleshooting and fixing common hot water drain valve problems or contact our expert plumbers for assistance.

Select Hot Water System Size
How To Select The Right Hot Water System Size

When choosing a hot water system, you need one that meets your household’s demand. Key factors are number of people, number of bathrooms, average daily use per person, and required flow rate. Getting the size right means enough hot water without wasting money.

Choose Gas Hot Water System
How To Choose The Best Gas Hot Water System

When selecting a gas hot water system, look at efficiency ratings, size for your home’s needs, operating costs and warranties. We explain the options to find the best system for your budget and household.

water pressure affect hot water systems?
Does water pressure affect hot water systems?

Low or changing hot water pressure could mean there’s a problem with your plumbing that’s reducing flow to your hot water system. Call a plumber to inspect.

Signs Hot Water System Failing
Signs Your Hot Water System is Failing

Common signs your hot water system is failing include strange noises, leaks, rusty/discolored water, inconsistent water temperature and pressure, and lack of hot water. If you notice any of these issues, your system likely needs to be replaced to avoid complete failure and further damage.

Sustainable gas solutions
Sustainable gas solutions

The future of gas is renewable and sustainable. By transitioning to renewable gas solutions such as bioenergy, we can reduce emissions and build a cleaner energy future.

Emergency Gas Shutoff Procedure
Emergency Gas Shutoff Procedure

In an emergency, you may need to shut off your gas supply. Our guide covers the key steps: check for leaks, turn off appliances, locate the gas meter outside your property, and carefully turn the valve to shut off gas flow. For professional assistance, call our emergency plumbing service on XXXX XXX XXX.

Licence Required Gas Fitting Australia?
Is a Licence Required for Gas Fitting in Australia?

A gas fitting licence, permit or certificate of competency is required by law to carry out any work on consumer gas installations across Australia. Our fully certified gas fitters can ensure your gas systems are installed, maintained and repaired legally and safely.

blocked drains flooding?
Can blocked drains cause flooding?

Blocked drains often cause flooding when heavy rain cannot properly drain away. This flooding leads to water damage, travel issues, foul odors, and pipe bursts. Clearing any blockages and fixing damaged pipes prevents future flooding and protects your home.

Recalibrate Hot Water System
Recalibrate Your Hot Water System

Improving the efficiency of your hot water system is an easy way to save money on energy bills. Start by lowering the thermostat to 120°F and insulating exposed hot water pipes. Flushing out sediment buildup can also boost performance. Adjusting a few simple settings makes a big difference.

’ involved gas meter upgrade?
What’s involved in a gas meter upgrade?

Upgrading your existing gas meter may be necessary to access more gas or replace old meters. It involves installing a new meter to match your increased demand.

hot water system failing?
Is your hot water system failing?

An old, noisy or leaky hot water system that produces inadequate or discolored water needs replacing. Get our Bankstown plumbers to inspect it for free.

10 Key Signs Sewer Line Blocked
10 Key Signs Your Sewer Line is Blocked

Backed up sinks, foul sewage smells and gurgling noises when flushing the toilet are the most common signs of a blocked sewer line. Slow draining from multiple fixtures indicates sewer blockage. Call Bankstown Plumbing to clear blocked drains and pipes before damage or health hazards arise!

’ Warranty Relined Pipes?
What’s the Warranty on Relined Pipes?

Relined pipes typically come with a 50 year product warranty from manufacturers. This ensures the liners are free of defects for decades. Contact our team of qualified plumbers to get your pipes relined and take advantage of the 50 year warranty.

10 Tips Unblock Drain Fast
10 Tips To Unblock Any Drain Fast

Clearing a blocked drain is easy with common household items like baking soda, vinegar and boiling water. Let the mixture sit for 15 minutes then flush with hot water. For stubborn clogs, use a plunger or call a professional. Get a plumber onsite fast.

Detect Issues Gas Appliances
How to Detect Issues in Gas Appliances

If you smell rotten eggs, hear hissing sounds from appliances, see rust or dirt in burners, or have high gas bills, you may have a gas leak. We explain how to check appliances for issues and identify warning signs. Book a certified gas inspection today to ensure safety.

long emergency plumbing repair ?
How long does emergency plumbing repair take?

Emergency plumbing repairs can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the issue. Call Bankstown Plumbing for expert emergency plumbing services and prompt repairs to get your plumbing up and running again quickly.

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