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Introduction to Pipe Relining and Warranties

Our team specialises in pipe relining, rehabilitating your plumbing’s inner structure efficiently with minimal disruption. Relining pipes is often preferable to completely replacing them as it is less invasive, quicker, and more cost-effective.

When a company does pipe relining, most will provide a product warranty to guarantee their workmanship. Warranty periods differ among providers, ranging from 10 years to a lifetime guarantee. We explore the benefits, duration, registration process, and claims of pipe relining warranties, offering insight into their value in the event of faults.

As a trusted local plumber serving Bankstown and the greater Sydney area for over 10 years, Bankstown Plumbing Pty Ltd is well-versed in pipe relining and provides competitive warranties on every completed job. Continue reading for a detailed guide on pipe relining and warranties, and call our hotline for a free service quote.

Typical Warranty Periods Offered on Relined Pipes

Typical warranty periods for relined pipes can vary, but generally fall into three main durations:

  • 10-Year Warranty - Most companies provide a standard 10-year warranty on labour and materials. This covers defects in the pipe relining application and epoxy resin.
  • 20-25 Year Warranty - Some companies offer extended 20 to 25 year warranties, still covering workmanship and materials for pipe relining jobs.
  • Lifetime Warranty - A small number of companies will guarantee their pipe relining for the lifetime of the repair. Lifetime warranties on labour and epoxy materials are rare but the most comprehensive protection.

Our warranties ensure peace of mind, with a competitive 15-year standard coverage for labour and materials. We also offer up to 25-year warranties for materials and lifetime guarantees on large-scale projects, subject to evaluation.

When evaluating a pipe relining warranty, verify the scope of coverage. The highest quality warranties ensure both the workmanship and the durability of epoxy materials applied in the relining process to prevent leaks, blockages, or other issues in damaged pipes from occurring.

What Impacts the Warranty Period on Relined Pipes

There are several key factors that can impact the length of a warranty provided on relined pipes:

Pipe Size and Usage

The length and usage of the pipe, along with its flow rate, can significantly influence warranty durations. Smaller pipes with minimal usage may come with 10-15 year warranties. Yet, bigger commercial pipes or sewer mains are one of the most seen areas with substantial usage typically warrant shorter 5-10 year warranties owing to increased wear and potential intrusion from tree roots.

Pipe Location

Warranties can often vary depending on the pipeline’s location, from indoor fixtures to outdoor sewer line infrastructure. Indoor pipes usually come with longer 10-25 year warranties, while underground sewer pipe systems often carry shorter 5-10 year warranties due to soil movement and corrosive elements.

Epoxy Materials Used

The type of epoxy used in the relining process impacts durability and therefore warranty length. Standard epoxies provide 10-15 years of coverage. Advanced ceramics or 100% solids epoxies can offer extended warranties of up to 50 years due to their superior resistance to corrosion and flow abrasion.

Understanding the critical importance of a warranty tailored to your pipe type and usage, we encourage reviewing the included coverage, supported by guidance from our friendly team. Our team clearly explains warranty options for optimal long-term solutions.

What is Covered Under Relined Pipe Warranties

Relined pipe warranties characteristically encompass the labour our experts exert in the setup procedure and the durability of the epoxy materials used in crafting the new pipe inner lining. This includes:

  • Workmanship of the relining application and quality of pipe preparation
  • Structural integrity of the epoxy barrier installed inside pipes
  • Prevention of leaks, blockages or other defects in the relined piping
  • Repair or replacement of any warranted sections that fail due to material defects or improper installation

Most warranties outline coverage percentages, ensuring rapid repairs on warranted sections of your pipes should issues arise. High quality warranties often cover 100% of parts and labour for defects under warranty.

It’s pivotal to recognise the distinct components covered under a provider’s warranty, fostering trust that inspires you to engage with them again. Some warranties may exclude certain types of failure, third party damage, or gradual wear and tear over time. Check if the warranty is fully transferable to future property owners as well.

As Sydney’s reliable local plumber, Bankstown Plumbing provides clear and comprehensive warranties tailored to your specific pipe relining needs, ensuring all concerns are addressed for your peace of mind.

Registering a Warranty for Your Relined Pipes

Registering your warranty is an important step to ensure you are protected if any issues arise with relining your pipes, and our approachable drain specialist can assist with the entire procedure. Here is the process Bankstown Plumbing follows to make sure we provide a comprehensive relining service complete with a warranty on your pipes:

Warranty Documentation

Upon completing the relining task, we provide a dated warranty document detailing the coverage scope, duration, and value of protection. we’re happy to provide a unique reference number for your records.

Submitting Your Forms

Fill out the warranty form with your details and return it to us within 30 days of completion to have our professional experts confirm the high-quality relining service.

Notification Period

If complications arise within the warranty period, contact us promptly for a swift investigation and resolution, processing a warranty claim if necessary.

We recognise the vital role of evidence, thus we advise retaining a replicate of the cctv camera documentation from the inspection we conduct, illustrating the pipe condition pre- and post-relining. This serves as proof of pre-existing damage should questions arise over warranty coverage.

Should you need assistance understanding or registering your relining warranty for full protection, you can call our experienced team at Bankstown Plumbing on 1300 349 338.

Making a Warranty Claim on Your Relined Pipes

If any issues manifest with your relined pipes within the warranty coverage period, our demeanour was friendly and direct; simply adhere to these procedures to file a claim:

1. Contact Bankstown Plumbing

If any issue arises, simply reach out by phone or email jobs@bankstownplumbingservices.com.au after you’ve called us on 1300 349 338, and provide your address, contact information, and warranty reference number.

2. Document The Issue

We will inquire about the nature of the difficulty you’re facing and assess whether our team was able to comprehend the full scope of your plumbing needs. Having photos, videos or CCTV footage evidencing the issue is very helpful for supporting your claim.

3. Assessment & Approval

After reporting the issue, our technician and his team promptly came out to examine and investigate the affected piping swiftly. If deemed to be covered under warranty, We will confirm if our evaluation leads to an approval of your claim and then detail how we got the job satisfactorily completed, taking into account repair solutions, parts, labour, and associated costs included.

Submit warranty claims in writing within 30 days of detecting the defect. Get in touch with our team if you need any assistance lodging a claim to remedy issues covered under warranty.

Maintaining Your Relined Pipes to Preserve the Warranty

Meticulous maintenance is essential in conserving your drain relining warranty, ensuring there was continuous and careful protection. Maintain your records, document any issues, and provide photo or video evidence when needed.

A biennial camera survey of your drains can prevent excavation and reduce costs. Should you encounter any problems within the warranty period, don’t hesitate to call us without delay to file a claim.

There are also simple maintenance steps you can take to extend the life of your pipe relining:

  • Avoid introducing fats or harsh chemicals down your drain pipe which could compromise the integrity of the epoxy liner
  • Use drain strainers to catch food scraps and hair that could lead to blockages
  • Install water hammer arrestors to prevent pressure surges that stress pipes
  • Replace any leaky fixtures that allow moisture into the walls around pipes

Routine inspections and maintenance are essential to safeguard your warranty. Rest assured, our team conducts thorough inspections. For maintenance inquiries, contact our team at Bankstown Plumbing on 1300 349 338.

Lifetime Warranties on Relined Pipes: Facts and Terms

Lifetime warranties offer the highest level of protection for relined pipes. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all definition of 'lifetime’ in warranties, which justifies your time, money investment, as it varies amongst providers. It’s critical to comprehend the specific terms.

Definitions of 'lifetime’ vary, with some equating it to 50 years, while others may offer true lifetime coverage.

A true lifetime warranty should protect the pipe repair for as long as you own your property. Coverage would include defects in materials or workmanship that cause leaks, blockages or other pipe failures. 100% parts and labour costs would be covered if issues arise on warranted sections.

However, there are exceptions.

Gradual wear or damage from customer actions may void the warranty over time.

Bankstown Plumbing, a trusted and expert local plumber in Sydney for over 10 years, offers transparent lifetime warranties, instilling supreme confidence in the durability of all our pipe relining solutions.

Environmental Safety of Relining Materials

At Bankstown Plumbing, we only use pipe relining materials that are environmentally safe and meet industry standards. The epoxy resins we use for sewer storm water relining are 100% solvent-free, containing no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that can be harmful. They also emit negligible odours compared to typical epoxy chemicals.

Our relining materials adhere to environmental standards, follow a no-mess policy, and comply with Australian regulations for water and sewage systems. Call us for more details. This includes standards for toxicity and ensuring no contamination risks for drinking water.

Our services include specialised installation of antimicrobial lined pipes in kitchens and bathrooms. The silver ion additive in these pipes safely inhibits bacterial growth, enhancing water quality.

Our selection of eco-friendly materials and thorough clean-up after relining drastically reduces environmental impact.

Environmental safety and sustainability are paramount at Bankstown Plumbing, underscoring our eco-friendly approach. Our pipe repairs are notable for their minimal impact on health and the environment.

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